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lounge music performed by Pat LELOUCH

Pat Lelouch was 8 years old when he entered the music universe. He attended the classical music conservatory of Paris as a pianist. After studying for 10 years, he dedicated his love for music to jazz and to composing movie scores. He loves to travel around the world, sourcing inspiration from local atmostpheres throughout his […]

Stereo Love Cover a must hear

Have you ever heard Stereo Love as an Accordion Cover by Slovenian band FeelHarmonika? This is a mix of famous house music hits of past decade. There are songs like Danza kuduro, L’amour Tojours, Every time we touch, Barbara Streisand … and much more. They have combined Austrian-Slovenian Folk style and modern electronic music. “Stereo […]

Thomas Schoenberger praised for his musical talent

  This guy is writing music like Mozart or Beethoven. Was not sure if it was real, but kind of followed him for awhile and it’s 100% real. I am a pianist from Poland and have lived in London and know lots of the top musicians in Europe. Nobody ever heard of Thomas Schoenberger before, […]

brilliant singer sings Bonnie Raitt cover

brilliant singer sings Bonnie Raitt cover; Hi Guys. This is my cover of Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me – also covered beautifully by Adele and Bon Iver. I love this song and hope that you enjoy my version of it. Please leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe! Love lots […]

outstanding talent sings James Brown Cover

This is my cover of ‘It’s a Man’s World’ originally sung by the great man himself James Brown. I would like to thank my family and Matt Thompson for their guidance and support, giving me the confidence to record this cover. I look forward to reading your comments on my YouTube channel and please do […]

have you seen Official yung Dre Music

I was interested in Yung Dre after seeing one of his videos online. I decided to send this Yung Dre a message to see who this person was and what the inspiration for his music was. His music…. Not like the typical Rappers of today, he doesn’t use profanity, doesn’t talk about ballin’ and he […]

almost every song an Anthem Video DJ NYC

DJ Bravo – Electro House Video Mix (The Anthems) from DJ Bravo on Vimeo. This is an Electro House Mix. The mix is called “The Anthems” because almost every song was an Anthem. Feel free to leave comments. Music is a wonderful things and bridges so many cultures. What do you think about this song/music […]

Designed for bands build a band workshops

I just signed up at The application is a bit long – and there is a $10 processing fee. If you are going to be spending time with people under one roof it’s totally justified. It is totally worth it if you get in. Just be clear about your style and what you want […]

electro-influenced genres Electro house

Electro House 2012. DILLINGERFORCE – ‘Bran Nu’. Buy What is Electro House, where did it come from and why does it matter NOW? Electro house has begun to influence many of today’s most popular artists. This type of music is a sub-genre of house music, but its true origins are a mystery. It first […]

discover Death Audio a metal band

Death Audio, a band that never gives up, and loves music till death. Rocking out stages from the land down under Australia, Death Audio has not only given us amazing hard hitting melodic music, but has demonstrated that they understand the music business, and knows how to gain a solid fan base not only in […]

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